Seasonal Attractions

Seasonal Attractions

Light Shows

Queenslake dazzles visitors with its lavish light shows during festive seasons. Our events include an extravagant Christmas Festival, a spooky Halloween Light Show, and a unique Fourth of July Under-Water Fireworks display that is both horse-friendly and pet-friendly.

Movie Night

During the warmer months, Queenslake transforms into an outdoor cinema, showcasing family-friendly movies on a giant screen, powered by our 7000 lumens laser projector, for an unforgettable movie night under the stars.

Stage Shows and Concerts

Our Queenslake Indoor Arena is an ideal venue for a variety of events including stage shows, concerts, fashion shows, bridal shows, rallies, and presentations. We host special events and also offer the arena for lease to accommodate up to 800 guests for private functions.

Seasonal Attractions

Queenslake celebrates every season with majestic activities and attractions that are fit for the Queen. We celebrate each season with different seasonal attractions such as Christmas Reflections light show, halloween light shows, movie nights, stage shows, and concerts.

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