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Once Upon A Time…in a place far away, a little girl dreamed of living her life on a horse farm.  She imagined taking afternoon naps under beautiful wispy willow trees that grew along the shore of a large lake on the farm.  She never knew a place like that really existed in real life, until one day, her Prince came along and whispered “As You Wish.”

About Claire

Born and raised just east of Toronto Canada, where she rode horses as a child, Claire has affection for all animals except one amphibian. She loves dogs, cats, falcons, horses, goats, chickens, ducks and guineas so far. Her father, Chester Ufnal, declared at her wedding that Claire’s passion for animals has been a blessing and a challenge throughout her life.


Her mother, Bea Ufnal, always the homemaker, shared with Claire everything there is to know about etiquette and properly welcoming house guests; hence the bed and breakfast. Queenslake is Claire’s brainchild and lifelong dream.  Ever since Claire was a child, she dreamed of retiring to a large horse farm and spending her afternoons sleeping under a willow tree by a lake. Claire is the royalty behind Queenslake.

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Queenslake About John

Call John CHMELA

About John

John met Claire on Valentine’s Day in 2008 and they were married on Valentine’s Day 2010.

Prior to that, John spent 30 years advocating and embracing new technologies, especially within social media. He has helped thousands of businesses reach younger consumers who live on the Internet, their smartphones, and social networks.

Today, John lives with the queen, the princess, and several animals at Queenslake Horse Farm. He focuses on his family, farm maintenance, and discovering innovative new methods to monetize large farm properties.

About Stacy Conley

Stacy Conley, the dedicated and passionate wedding planner, has become synonymous with turning dreams into reality at Queenslake Farm in picturesque Georgetown, Kentucky. With an unmatched eye for detail and a heart full of love, Stacy crafts enchanting weddings that capture the essence of this beautiful countryside venue. From rustic-chic to classic elegance, her expertise knows no bounds. Stacy’s clients entrust her with their most cherished day, knowing that she will transform Queenslake Farm into a magical, unforgettable backdrop for their love story. With Stacy by your side, your wedding at Queenslake Farm will be nothing short of a fairytale come true.

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About Us

Queenslake is a family owned and operated sport horse farm, bed and breakfast, and wedding venue in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, Horse Country, and the Bourbon Trail. We are located in Georgetown/Scott County about 10 minutes from both Georgetown and Midway, and just 12 mins for the Kentucky Horse Park and 20 mins to Keeneland Race Track.

Queenslake provides stunning views over our lakeside and has the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets you can imagine. We are pleased to offer the perfect place to board your equine partner, host a spectacular wedding or special event, or to just escape for a few days and relax at a 5-star bed and breakfast.